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Y’all don’t even want to know how fucked up it looks in real life

Y’all don’t even want to know how fucked up it looks in real life

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more fun facts about my failed attempt at my hair:

Only the roots are lifting. Oh… Joy. Now I just have blonde roots.

Ok never doing this myself again.

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Guess who’s half way through bleaching her hair and out of bleach?

This guy.

I’ve got a shit ton of hair.

I can’t wait for sweater weather

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what’s the difference between a dirty bus stop and a lobster with breast implants ?

one’s a crusty bus station and one’s a busty crustacean

#i’ve told this joke a million times and it NEVER fails
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Didn’t work out for 10 days; gained 10 pounds


There’s a reason I usually work out 6 days a week.

I’m like, in awe, at how QUICKLY I gained 10 lbs. Whoa.

I have some serious laziness skills.

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I ran across this gem on SW tonight

I ran across this gem on SW tonight

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We love lazy Sundays.


We love lazy Sundays.

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All of these

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Me waitin for the little green man so I can cross the street


Me waitin for the little green man so I can cross the street

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TW: Rape, sexual assault

This may be a big surprise to people who know me in real life because I do not talk about this.

It’s been exactly 3 years since I was date raped and I was going to talk about how much better I’m doing now but you know what… It still fucking sucks. I get triggered constantly and break into tears, and god forbid anyone ever dare touch the top of my head. I can’t. With time I’m triggered less and less but it still hurts the same on the inside just as much every time I remember.

I wish I’d said something when it happened, but you know what? I honestly thought it was my fault for the longest time. I was terrified to tell my parents, and should have gone to the hospital and put that shit stain in jail. But I was scared no one would believe me.

I was still 17, and unfortunately I had no clue what to do. Now I know better. It took me months before I broke down and told my mother after I spiraled into a deep depression and failed my first semester of college.

To this day my greatest regret is that I never filed charges, no police report, I just suffered in silence. I assumed it was my fault and nothing would happen because it would just be a “he said she said” thing since I waited so long to get anyone’s help. I wish WISH I could go back in time and tell myself it was going to be ok, call the police, you’re a fucking minor for fucks sake just call the police. But it doesn’t work like that.

I don’t know exactly why I’m writing this but getting it off my chest is helping. I’ve been having anxiety attacks all week. I just can’t handle the rush of emotion this week. I hope there’s a day when I can go past the anniversary and not relive the horror inside my head over and over.

I know I’m getting better... but it still sucks.

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